Friday, December 10, 2004

Installment 2: Redundancy and noise

Implementing these new communication techniques will not necessarilly be a simple task. We must rely on employees to remember to use our new devices as effectively as possible. These new ploys will be of no use to the company if they are not used to full capacity. Redundancy is the idea that the more our new communication devices are promoted the more they will be employed.

Noise is characterized by the external distractions that can be problematic for a new system. This can stem from other employees expressing their discontents with the new devices, confusion in the system, or problems with system itself. Learning to operate under these types of conditions can be helpful in making the system stronger, and we must strive towards this goal. In any working environment there will be problems with distractions, it is learning to overcome these distractions that seperates a successful organization from an unsuccessful one.

Change is an important and difficult process for any organization to undergo. We will have to anticipate some resistance and comprehension problems with certain employees. Projekt Love points out that change can bring out feelings of anxiety and frustration with workers and this can stand to lower productivity. Schick will have to set up an education program for workers that are having difficulty operating the new technology.


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